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Medical malpractice is negligence by a health professional who conducted a treatment that is considered substandard and is not the accepted practice in the medical community. Whether by a direct act or failing to take the proper action, the treatment resulted in the patient being injured, harmed, or dead due to a medical error. There are many types of negligence, but in most cases, the malpractice involved errors such as a mistake in a patient’s diagnosis, a miscalculation in medication that was administered, or some type of oversight in the patient’s in their healthcare.

Medical malpractice law offers a way for patients to claim financial payment because of harm they received due to their substandard treatment. The standards and regulations for medical malpractice differ slightly within state jurisdictions, which may have varying medical malpractice laws. Though a doctor, hospital, or other type of health care professional is not necessarily responsible for all harm done to a patient, they are still legally responsible for harm done if they deviated from normal procedures, and the practice resulted in injury.

First, for medical malpractice to be a consideration, certain elements need to be present for a claim. One component of malpractice is the failure to deliver a proper standard of care. The health care profession recognizes basic standards for providing care and all patients have the right to expect they are being treated with recognized, accepted, and customary care. If the accepted standard is not being applied, there may be negligence involved. Secondly, there must be harm or injury present, which resulted from the provider’s direct actions, or their failure to act accordingly. The patient’s attorney will be required to prove that the harm would not have occurred if the doctor, hospital, or care provider had not been negligent. Injury or harm is often described as living in constant pain, suffering, enduring personal hardship, loss of income, and disability. Lastly, if the patient did not give informed consent for a medical procedure that results in harm or injury, the health care provider may be liable if the treatment or procedure results in harm or injury. A Medical Malpractice Lawyer in North Stonington, CT can evaluate a claim for malpractice and answer further questions.

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