Fabulous Pecan Packed Food Baskets in Phoenix

The delicious pecan is native to Mexico and North America. Probably best known for its important title role in the rich and hearty pecan pie, it is also known as a delicious and healthful snack all on its own.

The health benefits of pecans include its hearty dose of manganese, protein and omega-6 fatty acids. Additionally pecans are helpful in preventing gallstones, reducing cholesterol and slowing muscle degeneration related to aging.

Because of the pecan pie many people may associate the southeastern part of the United States with the pecan. However, the pecan is the state tree of Texas and grows well within the Southwest. Since pecans are delicious as an ingredient in baked good and wonderful as a snack on their own, they are often included with holiday and party snack trays. food baskets in Phoenix with pecans included make wonderful gift ideas for any holiday or occasion.

These baskets and other gift-giving ideas can be found at the Pecan Store. The Pecan Store is located in Arizona on a farm encompassing over 7,000 acres. Family owned and operated since the beginning, the family has worked to stay true to their roots despite having an operation that has expanded rapidly since its inception. This enormous site, started in 1965, grows all the pecans they sell within their shop, so you know the product you send or receive will always be delicious and fresh.

You can purchase pecans in the shell or without. They also offer a tasty inventory of baked goods. These include pecan brittle, butter toffee and more. You can enjoy their unique pecan syrup, test out the zing of their pecan hot sauce or barbecue sauce and impress your guests with their salty and sweet pecan crusted caramel log.

Whether you need to find the perfect gift, discover something unique for your own dinner party or just find something scrumptious for yourself, the Pecan Store offers it all. Food Baskets in Phoenix are available from their site and can be shipped directly to any recipient you choose.

To find something for anyone and for any occasion visit website. It is unusual to find a website which offers such a fresh product and best of all it is all grown and made in the USA.

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