Financial Hardship: 3 Reasons People Hesitate to File for Bankruptcy

Did you know that the typical bankruptcy law firm in Torrance, CA, helps people who are under a great deal of pressure due to debt that never seems to go away? If you find yourself in the position of being unable to honor your debts due to job loss, medical issues, or other factors beyond your control, bankruptcy is an option worth considering. If any of the following reasons are standing in the way, dispel them and call a lawyer today.

You Think a Debt-Management Plan Will Solve the Problem

All sorts of debt-management plans are available today. Some of the people who offer them make wonderful promises in terms of helping you pay off your debts with affordable installments. What some don’t tell you is that your creditors are under no obligation to work with a debt-management agency. Even if most of your creditors agree to do so, you still must come up with a solution that the others will accept. If none of your solutions work for them, they could garnish your wages.

Whether you choose to discharge debts with a Chapter 7 bankruptcy or restructure them under Chapter 13, your creditors must work with the court. Once the court approves the plan, your dealings are now with the court-appointed trustee, not your creditors.

You’re Scared of a Bad Credit Score

There’s a good chance that your credit score is already in poor shape. That’s especially true if you’ve been scrambling to pay debts for several months. As the lawyer at your bankruptcy law firm in Torrance, CA, will explain, bankruptcy does trigger an initial drop in your score, but it will begin to improve in the months after the filing.

You Believe Bankruptcy Is a Sign of Failure

Many people find themselves in unexpected financial straits. Cutbacks at work and overwhelming medical costs are common issues that can undermine your financial stability. Bankruptcy is not a failure but rather a chance to start fresh. Bankruptcy attorneys know life doesn’t always go according to plan and will do everything legally possible to help you get back on track.

If you think bankruptcy might be right course for you, call today to schedule a consultation with a bankruptcy law firm in Torrance, CA. Things could look a lot brighter when that first visit is over.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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