Financially Recovering from an Auto Accident with a Lawyer Easton

Studies show over six million accidents occur to drivers every single year. The injuries that result due to an accident can cost a great deal of money. In an attempt to recover from these losses, be sure to rely on auto accident Lawyer Easton for legal guidance during the process of civil litigation.

Filing a Lawsuit

The plaintiff is the person that files a lawsuit and is the injured party. By meeting with an attorney and going over the details of your case, this will allow the plaintiff to understand the strength of his or her case.

The allegations or charges filed in a lawsuit must be proven by the plaintiff in a court of law since the plaintiff has the burden of proof. It is important to have written documentation that will work to prove any claims you are making when filing a lawsuit against another party.

Defendant’s Response

The defendant must respond to the lawsuit within 30 days of receiving this legal action. The response should address each allegation or charge individually and either admit or deny the charges.

The Discovery Process

When working with your auto accident lawyer Easton, a discovery process will be required during the lawsuit. This will involve four parts to be completed and include written interrogatories, the deposition, the requests for admissions and the requests for production documents.

If you wish to prove your case, the time to do so is during the discovery process. By providing thorough and concise responses to any of the questions that are asked during this process, you will build a stronger case.

The deposition will require either party to meet with the opposing party’s attorney and answer a series of questions that pertain to the case. A deposition may be used in a court of law and the party providing it should consider this. Additionally, the truth should be told because this party is required to be sworn in under oath.

Finally, retain the services of Drake Hileman and Davis when faced with seeking compensation due to an auto accident. Legal guidance and advice are crucial for winning your case.

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