Find out the Cause of Dark Circles under the Eyes

Most people seem to think the only cause of dark circles under the eyes is the lack of sleep people experience. While this is an extremely common cause of this condition, there are many others that aren’t related to how much sleep you get at all. Some people experience dark circles due to genetics, hormones and more. Understanding what some of these causes are can make you feel more normal as you seek the right treatment.

Sun Exposure

Many of the problems related to skin are caused by exposure to the sun over the years. Dark circles aren’t really the cause of the dark circles, though it can certainly make them worse. As you spend time in the sun without proper skin protection, the melanin darkens the skin. While many people desire the look of a tan, the increased melanin under the eyes can increase the appearance of the dark circles under the eyes.

Your Bad Habits

Most people are aware drinking excessive caffeine, drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes can have a negative impact on many areas of your life. This includes the ability to cause dark circles under the eyes. Because of the effects of caffeine, alcohol and tobacco on your system, the blood flow that pools under your eyes to create the dark circles becomes more pronounced. In addition to the darkness, it can also create puffiness, which will worsen the effects.


Dark circles under the eyes are a natural occurrence as you age. Your skin becomes thinner and it isn’t as supple as it once was. All these issues can contribute to the appearance of these dark circles under your eyes. However, just because these circles are a normal part of the aging process doesn’t mean you have to settle for the appearance. You can find solutions that will reduce or even eliminate these dark circles.

The presence of dark circles under your eyes isn’t something you have to live with or cover up with makeup. Instead, you can look into what can cause dark circles under the eyes and how you can best treat them. Some of the most common causes of these dark circles can include prolonged exposure to the sun, the bad habits you partake in daily and the normal signs of aging. With the help of chemical peels and other beauty products, you can reduce the look of these dark circles and look younger again.

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