Find Out Why More Businesses Are Using Nearshore Solutions

Find Out Why More Businesses in USA Are Using Nearshore solutions from Staffing Agencies

It’s becoming more common to use a staffing agency in Mexico for finding new candidates to fill open positions. In the past, companies will hire IT professionals with H1B visas. Now a days, it is more difficult to renew H1B visas hence companies are using staffing agencies to provide IT professionals with TN visas.

Many business managers and recruiters find that this is a convenient alternative to undertaking the recruitment process themselves for projects where the company does not have the expertise or just need the resources for a short period of time. They can simply let the agency know what they’re looking for and allow them to provide the resources to fill those positions. Additionally, working with a staffing agency provides other advantages:

Save Money on Salary Packages

When you pay a staffing firm to supply you with employees in a nearshore scheme, you’ll be paying far less than the salary you would have to pay to each new employee when you consider the cost of training, benefits and outplacement when you let the resource go. Additionally, you pay an “all in” fee and avoid the potential of litigation when you let go an employee. The agency will provide compensation packages to their employees and assume the risks as the employer of record.

Stop Paying Overtime

It’s not uncommon for businesses to face a crunch or take on special projects that require extra time to complete. The most obvious solution is to pay your own employees overtime to help your business keep up with the extra demand. However, you can save yourself from paying that overtime and increase the business’ profit margin by getting workers from a staffing agency to do that extra work.

Get Skilled Workers in a Hurry

You can also fill positions that require special skills by working with a staffing agency. For example, if you have an opening for an engineer or IT specialist, you can ask a staffing agency to help you fill those positions with nearshore resources. There’s a good chance they already know of qualified candidates who are looking for the types of positions you have open.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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