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People who have worked hard all their lives often come to identify themselves with their jobs, as if that were the only way to evaluate their worth as human beings. This is one reason some people have a hard time enjoying retirement. To them, retirement does not signify a new chapter in life, it signifies the end of it. For this reason, if you are shopping for a Retirement Living Omaha situation for an elder relative, allow him or her to participate in the process. What they see may persuade them that retirement is not so bad after all. Here are some features to look for in a prospective retirement community.

Individual Living Quarters with Amenities

The quality of retirement community apartments can rival that of an individual home. A full compliment of kitchen appliances, laundry hookups, a personal alarm system and an emergency power supply may all be part of the package.

Dining Facilities

Residents who have chosen retirement lifestyles may decide to retire from cooking as well, and who can blame them? The community should have a communal dining room that serves at least two healthful, tasty meals a day.


Retired people often complain of loneliness and boredom. There’s really no need for either one if your Retirement Living Omaha facility has a Recreational Director on the staff. It is that person’s job to find or create interesting and fulfilling cultural, educational and community based events for residents to enjoy.

Medical Care

It is preferable that there be a health care facility on the premises, staffed by a trained professional such as a Nurse Practitioner. There maybe an extra charge for this service, but the peace of mind that comes with simply knowing it’s there can be invaluable.

Now that we’ve laid out a partial ‘wish list’ of retirement community features, let’s include a small but important caveat: do your research and establish your budget before you go out shopping. This will help to prevent you from falling in love with something you genuinely can’t afford. You will probably suffer from a little ‘sticker shock’ anyway, but that’s different than taking food off the table or forcing a loved one to move again in a few months. Most of the features listed here should be available at most retirement facilities, so keep looking until you find the right one.

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