Finding the Best Medical Alert System

We have all seen the commercials where the elderly woman has fallen, and she can’t get up. The commercial, along with that infamous line, was the butt of many jokes for years. The commercial was not meant to be funny, however. In fact, its subject matter is quite serious and requires thought. We all have elderly loved ones. Most of us have aging parents whose care will one day be a source of major concern, not to mention stress. Call it the circle of life if you will, but the health of our parents will decline as they age. They will become weaker and more fragile. It is not fun to think about the people who once cared and nurtured us needing care themselves, but it is a fact of life. Protect them and give yourself peace of mind as well, by finding the best medical alert system you can.

Features of the Best Medical Alert System

The best medical alert system will have several key features. First, it will have a base with a range large enough protect your loved ones when they are in the front or back yard. For example, a base unit with a range of 600 feet would provide such protection, as most homes are not this large. The best senior medical alert system will also have a water-resistant pendant. This feature allows the user to wear the pendant in the bathtub and shower that, unfortunately, are locations were many senior citizens slip and fall. The best medical alert system will also have pre-programmed numbers. Some systems are pre-programmed to automatically dial an emergency dispatch operator when the alarm is activated, while others can be programmed with three emergency contacts of the user’s choice. The pendant should also allow for two-way voice communication during an emergency call, so that the user can tell the emergency contact exactly what is happening and the emergency contact can provide comfort and support. Finally, the pendant should have a long lasting battery. Most of these devices have batteries that last up to a year in standby mode. This is important! It would be horrible for someone to be unable to get the help he or she needs during an emergency because their battery was dead.

Costs of the Best Senior Medical Alert System

The best medical alert system will cost less than you think, and much less than any alternatives. Most medical alert devices cost less than $300, including shipping. Many also have no monthly fees, no service charges, and no contracts. Everything you need comes right in the box! At these prices, the best medical alert system is affordable for almost everyone. This cannot be said of alternatives such as home health care, adult day cares, assisted living facilities or nursing homes. Visit Suresafe Medical Alerts to purchase the best medical alert system today!

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