Four Unexpected Services Provided By Hair Salons in Louisville KY

Many people head to hair salons because they want work done to their hair. Whether they want it cut, dyed, or styled in a unique way, a hair salon is the place to go. These are not the only services provided, however. Hair Salons in Louisville KY offer four unexpected services that customers can utilize.

Keratin Treatment

Hair becomes damaged easily. Whether it is exposed to chlorine or other chemicals on a regular basis, or it is in the sun often, a head of hair can become discolored, broken, and thinned. A proper treatment will help damaged hair, and give it new life. A Keratin treatment can be provided by a hair salon to improve the overall look of the hair and have it restored.


Microdermabrasion is the term for a particular skin procedure. This procedure removes the layer of dead skin. Thanks to a micro-crystals spray, the outer layer of skin will be removed so the healthier skin underneath is exposed.

Eyebrow Tint

When the hair is colored, it often looks much different than other hair on the face, such as the eyebrows. To match them more closely, hair salons can provide an eyebrow tint. This will alter the eyebrow’s color so it is a darker or lighter shade, allowing it to match the hair.

Spa Pedicure

A hair salon will also perform procedures on the nails. One such procedure is a spa pedicure. During this procedure, the feet will be soaked in warm water. After, the toe nails will be clipped, filed, and shaped appropriately. A pumice stone will also be utilized, which allows the salon stylist to remove dead skin from the feet. It will leave them feeling smoother and softer than before. If the customer chooses, they can have their toe nails polished afterward with a color of their choosing.

Hair Salons in Louisville KY provide countless services to their customers, some of which wouldn’t normally be expected. They are not only capable of handling hair cuts and dyes. Instead, there are numerous other tasks they can perform. Anyone currently in need of these services can visit a hair salon to have them completed.

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