Frameless Glass Showers in Fayetteville GA for the Perfectly Edited Home

The height of stylizing a bathroom starts with frameless glass showers in Fayetteville GA. These sleek doors really add a spa feel to any bathroom and take the luxe up a notch or two. Designers are choosing these doors for clients that are not willing to settle for the usual. All you need to do to see how popular these doors are is pick up any shelter magazine and look through the bathrooms.

The Added Value of Frameless Glass Showers in Fayetteville GA

These types of showers get a lot of props for their aesthetics but they are quickly becoming designer’s choice because they offer some added value like:

  • Easier to maintain
  • Give the illusion of more space in a small bathroom
  • Can be cut to any shape or size
  • Provides a spa like experience

No Frames, No Grime

Frameless glass showers are easier to clean. Frames can build up mold, soap scum and mildew. Getting them clean can be a full-time job! Frameless glass can be easily wiped down with a squeegee after each shower!

For Small Spaces, They Rule

Without the frame the space really opens! The eye is not stuck on the metal frame so it makes the room seem so much larger. It can be a great solution for small spaces.

There is No Limit

Glass showers can be cut to fit just about any shape or size when you use the right glass company that has experience. Odd shaped shower areas can be fitted perfectly! You can have a shower area in a space where setting up a frame would be impossible.

Spa Like

The glass holds in the steam and moisture from the shower (which you cannot do with a shower curtain) to give you that spa experience. All Glass can turn your bathroom into your personal spa!

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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