Frequently Asked Questions About A Healthy Lawn And Landscaping In Weston, CT

If you want to improve the appearance of your property, consider hiring a company that specializes in landscaping in Weston, CT. When you employ professional landscapers, you’ll have a healthy and attractive lawn throughout the year. Below you’ll discover the answers to frequently asked questions about maintaining a healthy lawn and landscape.

Q.) What does organic lawn care consist of and what are the benefits?

A.) When you choose organic lawn care, harmful pesticides won’t be used on your lawn. Instead, helpful nematodes are added to the soil to keep pesky bugs and insects out of your yard. Rather than using chemicals to control weeds, organic lawn care includes planting an abundance of grass seed to choke out the weeds. Applying compost to your yard adds beneficial organic elements to your soil.

Q.) What does a professional landscaper do to maintain the appearance of a lawn?

A.) A landscaper has many job duties to keep your lawn looking attractive throughout all seasons. In addition to keeping your lawn cut and weeded, a landscaper will create an attractive landscape specifically for your property. This may include adding flower beds and mulching around trees for a finished look. A landscaper will keep your yard healthy by aerating and adding compost to your soil. During the spring and fall, a landscaper will clean up the debris from your yard and remove any fallen limbs and brush.

Q.) What is the best way to care for newly planted large specimen trees?

A.) Planting mature trees allows you to have immediate shade and privacy screens without waiting years for them to grow large enough. When caring for newly planted large trees, hire a professional who does landscaping in Weston, CT to regularly thin out the branches and cut off any diseased or weak limbs. Proper pruning correctly shapes your trees so that enough light and air can flow through the branches to keep your trees healthy.

Northeast Horticultural Services offers plant care, tree services, landscaping and organic programs for the health of your lawn. Visit the website for a free estimate and more information about maintaining your lawn and landscape using holistic methods.

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