Frequently Asked Questions About A Personal Watercraft Policy

Getting out on the water for fun, play, and relaxing is one of the most wonderful things about summer weather. However, make sure that you are safe and protected. Most people with a personal watercraft understand how to stay safe, with life jackets and such. However, many do not think about things like how important insuring their watercraft is. A personal watercraft policy is very important. There are things that you should know about this type of policy. Read on for helpful information.

What does A personal watercraft policy cover

Your policy will cover you if you are hurt. Your watercraft in the event of an accident, and property belonging to someone else if you happen to hit it. This type of policy also covers your personal watercraft if it is hit by someone who is uninsured. In addition, you will be protected if someone using your watercraft is hurt. Insurance gives you peace of mind.

Will your insurance cover a modified personal watercraft

If your watercraft has been modified to make it go faster, or to make it perform in a way not intended by the manufacturer, you will not be covered. Your watercraft must still meet manufacturer’s specifications. There are also other cases where your policy can be voided.

If you do not have a license while you are operating your watercraft, you will be unable to put in a claim.

Be sure to speak to your agent for any other instances that would cause your policy to not pay out.

Your watercraft brings you a lot of enjoyment; it makes sense to protect it with an insurance policy. This allows you to get out there to have fun, with less worry. You never know when an accident can happen, so be prepared. Make sure you get the best policy for your watercraft. Choose one that protects you, and anyone who rides on or uses it. Make sure that you do not make any modifications that will increase speed, or alter the performance of your watercraft. If you do plan to make changes, check with your insurance provider beforehand.

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