Gain An Understanding Of Fire Ant Control

The fire ant gets its name both because of its color and its sting. When a person is bitten multiple times, they often feel as if their skin is burning. Unfortunately, these ants are often so tiny they can quickly begin to attack their victim without the individual realizing it until they begin to feel the stings of the bites. Some people will only experience a minor irritation, while those allergic to these bites could face life-threatening side-effects. If homeowners find they are facing a large colony of ants, it is important they seek the professionals for Fire ant Control.

Unfortunately, fire ants can cause damage to electrical wiring because they chew through the insulation. They can also damage lawns and equipment. If a homeowner has livestock or other outdoor animals, they can be attacked by these aggressive ants, which can cause death in some animals. This is why it is imperative homeowners seek immediate services for Fire ant Control.

When a pest control specialist comes out to take care of fire ants, they will first determine where their mounds are and if they are getting into the home and how. If the ants are entering the home, they will advise the homeowner on how to seal the areas so they can no longer gain access. Fire ants are killed in multiple approaches. Chemical insecticides are often used in the form of granules that are placed around the mound so the adult ants consume the poison and then feed it to the offspring.

A pest control professional may use bait traps, granules, and dust pesticides to both kill the existing population and prevent new mounds from forming. This is sometimes a progressive process that takes more than one treatment, especially with properties that have a high population. Contact pesticides kill on contact, while bait kills more slowly so the young can be fed the pesticide.

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