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So many things can happen to derail someone as they try to navigate through life. The older someone gets, the more things that can go wrong. For someone in their 60s a minor accident can make it difficult to walk or to perform normal tasks, something that isn’t an issue for a 20 year old. Aging can also lead to stroke, heart attack, diabetes and other medical issues.

These issues can cause someone to become very dependent on friends, family or medical staff for many of things that others take for granted. Fortunately, home occupational therapy service in Omaha NE makes it possible to gain some or all control once again.

What is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational therapy is therapy that teaches someone how to do everyday things. This therapy can include activities such as brushing teeth, zipping zippers, buttoning buttons, eating, walking and more. An occupational therapist will have may tools at their disposal to make practicing possible at anytime without a patient having to get dressed or undressed to get some practice in. The repetitive nature of this therapy helps to teach muscle memory and strengthen weak muscles and nerves.

Who Offers Occupational Therapy?

This type of therapy must be done by a specialist. Usually a master degree is required to work in this field. Therapists usually work for a hospital or a care giving service, although occasionally someone will work for themselves. There will be extensive background checks for any therapist that works for either a hospital or a group service as the safety of the patient is the number one priority.

Where does One Go for Therapy?

Therapy is either done at the facility where the therapist works, or there’s the option for a home occupational therapy service in Omaha NE. Home services are usually more expensive so insurance companies will generally only approve this option for those that aren’t mobile.

How Much does Occupational Therapy Cost?

The cost of this service will vary and can range between $100 to $400 an hour. When considered medically necessary, insurance companies do cover this cost and most providers will bill the insurance company directly.

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