Getting Your Vacant Single-Family Rental on the Market Now

When you have a single-family rental home sitting vacant, you are quickly losing money on that property. Maybe you don’t have time to list it publicly, or perhaps you have listed it but are not getting the exposure you want. Working with a property management company can be frightening, but when you go with a company in San Jose that has more than 35 years of experience you can rest assured knowing your rental is in good hands from tenant screening and deposit collection to inspections and photographic reports on the upkeep of your rental.

Getting a Family into your Vacant Rental

Exposure is the key; you want your rental to be seen by as many people as possible to ensure you get someone in there fast. Being listed on multiple websites, in local newsletters and flyers, as well as on the MLS if applicable is a great start. A management company can provide website tours and take care of any in-person showings for potential tenants. Extensive tenant screenings will be performed, including but not limited to past landlord references, driver’s license verification, employment and income history, and more. You can relax knowing responsible tenants will be in your rental.

Keeping an Eye on Maintenance and Repairs

Should any problems arise tenants can mention general maintenance issues to the managers by email or phone so it can be taken care of before it becomes a large problem. Any repairs that cannot be completed by the company will be outsourced to trusted and reliable vendors. Each vendor is licensed and insured to guarantee quality repairs at an affordable cost. You never have to worry about fixing a problem yourself; this is great for property owners who may be out of town a lot of the time or who own a number of properties but cannot efficiently manage them all on their own.

Keeping You Fully Updated

You are kept up to date about your rental, especially when it comes to maintenance. You will be notified about late rental payments, tenant eviction proceedings and more. Both interior and external inspections of your rental can be made every 6 months or more often if you require it, to ensure tenants are taking care of your property. Any issues will be taken care of by the management so you don’t have to bother with it. Save yourself time and hassle by having someone experienced take over your rental arrangements.

When you need reliable home property management in San Jose, consider the experience of Western Property Group.

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