Giving That Old, Rusty Tractor a New Life on the Family Farm

If yours is like most farms, you have an old International or Farmall tractor laying around. You may have thought about bringing it back to life, but antique tractor parts are hard to come by. The good news is, antique tractor parts can be found online and shipped anywhere in the country.

Once you have your old tractor up and running again, it will be perfect for towing a hayride. That will add an extra element of fun and profit to a Halloween pumpkin patch and corn maze. There is something about a good, old-fashioned tractor in the American imagination. Modern, air-conditioned, computer-equipped tractors just don’t cut it.

A renovated, antique tractor is not just for show, either. It was built to work, and it can still do that. If you need to plow a large garden, blade a driveway, clear snow, or tow a trailer around the fields, your old tractor can do it. If you are going to the trouble of bringing it back to life, make it useful, as it was meant to be. Your old tractor will thank you.

Antique tractors are also a connection to the past and can be an invaluable teaching tool for the kids. Imagine the little ones sitting in the seat of their great-grandpa’s tractor. What better way to give them a connection to their land, their ancestors, and their future.

Antique tractor parts can be found online, and that old pile of rust out back is definitely worth saving and restoring.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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