Hate Your Teeth? A Cosmetic Dentist In Naperville Can Help

Family dentistry has moved beyond preventing cavities and keeping gums healthy. While these are certainly important and can’t be ignored, having an attractive smile is important as well. It’s more than just vanity, people and future employers judge a person by their appearance. If teeth are badly stained, oddly-shaped or missing altogether, this can make a bad first impression. That can cost a person a job or relationship. It’s convenient if a family dentist can also perform the role of a cosmetic dentist Naperville practice.

Patients are always more comfortable when they are in a familiar setting with a dentist that they know. During a routine examination the patient and dentist can discuss what needs to be done to maintain good dental health. Then they can go beyond that and talk about how the patient feels about the quality of their smile. The patient might share that they’ve been turned down for three jobs that they were qualified for. If their teeth are very dingy or yellow perhaps this was the problem. The dentist can then recommend a one-hour whitening procedure that will last up to two years. It can be done quickly and in time for the next interview.

Older people are working longer than they ever thought they would have to. While there are laws against age discrimination, there are very subtle factors that can affect how people are treated in the workplace. A healthy and vital persona can make a person seem more youthful than they are. That can affect raises, promotions and work assignments. So people have to take care of the details in their appearance. If they lose a tooth, they should have it replaced with a dental implant or permanent bridge. Time and life can take it’s toll on teeth. If many are chipped, broken or discolored, the older worker might want to consider veneers.

An attractive smile can make people feel more confident in social situations. They should discuss any concerns they have about their smile with a cosmetic dentist Naperville practice. They might be surprised at how big a difference a small investment can make. Contact us at Naperville Commons Dental to schedule an appointment with the cosmetic dentist.

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