Here’s How to Start Investing in Gold and Silver Coins in Los Angeles

Gold and silver coins can be a great way to build your investment portfolio, but you want to make sure that you always work with a reputable dealer. The global prices of silver and gold continue to increase, making it worth your time to do some investigation into the market. Before you start to buy gold and silver coins in Los Angeles, there are a few things that you should know.

Not All Coins Are the Same

There are two types of gold coins out there, so don’t just assume that any gold or silver coin is worth your purchase. Gold bullion coins are collected simply based on their gold value alone. The phrase “worth its weight in gold” is very correct in this instance. They have no collectible value outside of the weight of gold in the coin. The other type is numismatic gold coins, which were minted by the US and in some cases can still be found in circulation. These have a high value based on how rare and collectible they are.

Get to Know the Rare Coin Market

The rare coin market is very broad, and that means that you should choose the coins you purchase carefully. It is best to buy gold and silver coins that have the highest quality you can afford and are in strong demand. This will help you build a portfolio that will boost a high rate of return. Look at the price history of any coin you are considering purchasing very carefully to ensure that it has a good chance of being a sustainable investment.

Determine a Dealer’s Credentials

When you are ready to buy gold and silver coins, don’t be afraid to ask for the credentials of the dealer with whom you are working. You should always work with a legitimate buyer to make sure that your transaction is legal. An authorized gold buyer will be able to show you their state license and provide you with a government-issued ID. If you are uncomfortable at any point, you should simply leave and find another dealer.

Work with a rare coin company that has a team of rare coin specialists prepared to help make you make the right choices. Orion Metal Exchange at has a strong team of rare coin analysts and numismatic experts ready to help you with your investment.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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