Hot Tubs make for Hot Parties

Hot tubs are a great way to relax after a long hard day at work. As little as a 15 minute in the tub can do wonders for those aching muscles. There are a few accessories available that will make your hot tube experience better.

From pillows to stereo sound systems, there are accessories to find anyone’s imagination. There are even fragrances, oils, and scented candles that float for your hot tube. No matter what tickles your fancy, there are options to fit anybodies budget.

Among the toys one might want with their tub, there are some things that should be purchased for the maintenance of the tub. You would need a good skimmer and quality chemicals to keep your equipment clean. Four or five people in about 500 to 700 gallons of water are similar to about 250 people in 250,000 gallons of water. That translates into a lot of body grime, dirt and if your tub is outdoors, leaves.

The types of chemicals commonly used in hot tubs include bromine, alkaline increasers and chlorine. These chemicals help keep the water clean, purified and ph balanced. You will also need to purchase test strips in order to know the ph balance of the water. Another item that is essential to the operation of your own private spa would be the cover of your hot tub. Having the right cover will keep your water at the proper temperature and help your equipment run more efficiently. Studies have proven that insulated covers keep your water hot and improve heat loss by 70%. Covers can also keep debris and dirt out of outdoor tubs.

A hot-tub thermometer is also essential for the safety of you and your guest. Bathing in water over 102 degrees can be harmful. For those that are pregnant be mindful of the water temperature. If you are a mother to be, do not bath in water hotter than 100 degrees.

There are a lot of resources for hot tubs and accessories. Browse for a wide variety of Hot Tub Accessories in Minneapolis. A hot tub is a great way to enjoy back yard parties or when you’re alone with that special someone.

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