How a Social Security Lawyer in Chicago Handles Your Claim

People who are thinking about filing a claim for Social Security and Disability can benefit from working with a lawyer. A social security lawyer in Chicago has experience with practicing in the Social Security and Disability area. They are familiar with these types of cases and understand how to prepare for a disability hearing.

Some people are hesitant to hire a Social Security Disability Attorney because of not knowing what to expect. When you first contact a law firm office, you will talk to the attorney or the staff members. Law firms usually conduct an initial interview with clients to get the basic facts of a case. Attorneys use this information to determine if they want to take the case. The initial interview is done by phone, but you can schedule an appointment to meet at the office.

Staff members are trained to spot claims that results in a win. If the case can result in a win or loss, then the attorney may review the facts to determine if he or she will represent the client. Many attorneys are more likely to decline cases that have a small chance of winning an appeal.

If you are trying to get Social Security and disability because of medical conditions, then you need medical records to support this claim. The law firm representing your case will contact the doctor for medical records and submit them to the Social Security Administration before the disability hearing. The firm cannot gather medical records on your behalf until after you sign a medical privacy release. The medical privacy release allows for the law firm to access a client’s medical records.

Hospitals may charge a fee for releasing the medical records of a patient, which is paid for by the law firm. After the case ends, the law firm usually charges the client for any fees they paid out pocket to obtain the records. The Social Security Office requires claimants to go through an examination before approving their claim of disability. Your attorney can review your medical records and determine if you need any additional testing. Furthermore, a Social Security Lawyer in Chicago can help with preparing for a Social Security disability hearing and makes sure you follow the necessary steps.

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