How Does a Cosmetic Dentist in Chicago, IL Put Veneers on Your Teeth?

For those who are not happy with the appearance of their teeth, life can sometimes be stressful. When dealing with social situations, it can be difficult, because you are ashamed of your smile and want to hide it. This makes you appear less friendly and does not allow your true personality to shine through. If you are not happy with the way your teeth look, there are many procedures that can correct their appearance. One of the most popular procedures provided by the Cosmetic Dentist in Chicago, IL is dental veneers. Veneers can completely cover your teeth and give them the perfected look you long for.

How are Veneers Placed on the Teeth?

When you see your Cosmetic Dentist In Chicago, IL for veneers, he or she will first clean and dry your teeth. This is important so the bonding agent will adhere to your teeth and form a bond between your tooth and the veneer. Once your teeth are clean and dry, the dentist will paint your tooth with a special adhesive and will then put the veneer in place. A veneer is a thin piece of porcelain that covers the entire front surface of the tooth. It can be shaped and shaded, to match in perfectly with your surrounding natural teeth. Many people have their entire front teeth covered with veneers, to dramatically improve the appearance of their smile.

Veneers can last for many years, but may require routine maintenance from time to time. It is important to follow your dentist’s guidance when taking care of your veneers so you do not crack or damage them. If a veneer does become damaged, your dentist can easily replace it, using the same procedure used to initially put the veneers in place.

If you long for a better smile and wish to learn more about veneers, contact the Family Dentist. Through this dental office, you can receive the dental care you need, to keep your smile healthy. You can also receive many cosmetic procedures that can restore your smile and give you increased confidence. Contact them today and make your appointment.

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