How Is Teeth Whitening in Chaska Accomplished?

For those concerned about the whiteness of their teeth, there are several options to take care of the issue. The aging process, coupled with smoking, drinking and certain food consumption will cause staining in your teeth. Though brushing your teeth after each meal can help to combat some of the staining, there are stains that become trapped in the deepest layers of your teeth. In this area, called the dentin, stains can be impossible to remove without a professional whitening treatment. To truly remove the deepest stains and whiten your teeth dramatically, you need a dental Teeth Whitening Chaska.

How are Teeth Whitening Treatments Carried out Through Your Dentist?

When you are in need of Teeth Whitening Chaska treatments, the dentist will first want to make sure your teeth are completely free of plaque and food. This cleaning process will allow you to experience greater success in the cleaning results, because removing the plaque allows better access to the deepest levels of the teeth, through the enamel. Once your teeth are clean and dry, the dentist will mix your whitening solution. Most dental whitening solutions contain a strong concentration of Hydrogen Peroxide. When mixed together, the solution will bubble up on your teeth and will begin to lift the stains away.


In some instances, a simple Teeth Whitening Chaska treatment is not sufficient. For these times, the dentist will often bleach the teeth. This involves a special solution being painted on the teeth. The solution is then activated using a special laser light. In this type of whitening treatment, your teeth can become much whiter than your own natural shade.

If bleaching does not work for severe staining and even minor damages, bonding will. Bonding involves the dentist mixing a special dental compound. This white compound is placed over the teeth so staining and damages are hidden. This process must be carried out approximately every five years.

To learn which Teeth Whitening Chaska option will best benefit your needs, contact Molldrem Family Dentistry. They can provide you and your family with a wide array of dental services, to meet your every need.

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