How Much Astaxanthin Should I Take Per Day?

One of the benefits of effective research on the use of various natural ingredients is the ability to determine the dosage level that is optimal for use. Unfortunately, many supplements are sold around the world give the impression of offering a substantive amount of an ingredient, but it is not what is required to produce the desired effects.

One of the benefits of purchasing any type of natural supplement, and specifically those containing Astaxanthin in Toronto, is the licensing of health supplements in Canada. This is very different than in the USA, where the FED does not approve or license any supplements.

Taking Astaxanthin

As a newer natural product on the market, many people in and around Toronto are interested in knowing how much Astaxanthin to take per day to see visible results.

This answer is provided in the research that has been completed in animal tests, experiments, and clinical trials on humans. Much of this work was completed at the University of Toronto using rigorous testing and scientific methods.

In these studies, which focused on how much Astaxanthin to take per day to see the desired results, researchers found that 12 mg per day of natural Astaxanthin was the key. The same results are not found when using synthetic Astaxanthin or other products, such as krill oil, which has small amounts of Astaxanthin. However, the amounts of Astaxanthin found in krill oil are so minute people would need to consume up to 48 capsules a day to get the desired dosage.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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