How Property Managers Can Market Green Homes

More and more property owners are losing tenants, and this is causing a domino effect with plummeting rent prices, higher costs, and difficulty in finding new tenants who meet the minimum criteria that is set.  As a property owner, you will have to be creative in your search for new tenants to stand apart from your competitors.  Renters are demanding more for their money than they ever have before.  As more people are becoming more conscious about damage to the environment, one creative approach would be to go green with your rental properties.  Most tenants will really appreciate this effort because going green will allow them to save money as well as help the environment.  Going green does not have to be expensive.  There are several ways property management companies in Baton Rouge could attract quality tenants who are looking for unique features and green aspects in their new homes.

Show Tenants the Savings and Benefits of Having a Green Home

Going green means being energy efficient in every way possible, among other things.  Have your property manager put together an advertising campaign that will highlight the benefits of living in a green property to entice quality tenants.  They can list the substantial utility savings that tenants will enjoy by using energy efficient appliances and energy saving light bulbs.  Energy efficient windows are also great features to have.  Tenants know they will save greatly on their heating and cooling bills if the building is well-insulated with new energy efficient windows.  If you have solar panels, then make sure you advertise this fact as well.  Solar panels can save tenants up to 60 percent off of what an electric bill would normally be without them.  They are a great draw for tenants who care about the environment and want to save money.

Market nearby Amenities to Attract Tenants

If you have public transportation that runs by your property, then make sure you advertise this.  Show the tenant bus route schedules, walking trails, or even bike paths so that they can gain the benefit of not having to drive all the time.  They will appreciate this effort, especially if they are truly concerned about the environment.  If your professional rental management agency pitches the property in a positive light, then you should have no trouble getting quality tenants who will want to live in a green atmosphere.

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