How to clean and keep marbles dirt-free and longer lasting

Even if you won’t admit it, keeping your marble flooring squeaky clean is sometimes stressful especially if the area is large and wide. Even if you delegate it to an able and regular employee, the experience can be tiresome and difficult. There is also the danger of using industrial-strength detergents, lemon and vinegar solutions, even mild soaps. All these can potentially affect the quality of your flooring and counter tops. It can be very challenging to strip off grimes on marbled surfaces. There is always the need to be careful with this elegant stoneware because they add life and a hint of sophistication to your premises.

Bear in mind that this material is made from porous limestone, and one of the problems that would arise from owning a marbled flooring, statue, table, or countertop is that they tend to absorb liquids. We’re talking about food and drink and just about any substance that you put on your glistening countertops or those that might have spilled on the floor. You may think that because they have a smooth surface these marbled surfaces will not corrode. But acids can get in the way and destroy their remarkably long-lasting quality.

It is a good thing that no matter how difficult it is to have spotless marbles, there are commercial marble cleaning companies in Portland OR that can easily and effectively do the job. However, if you wish to save a little on costs, there are simple and easy steps that you can follow too.

First of all, you have to keep your marbled surfaces clean and dry all the time. It is best to wipe the surface with a soft cloth moistened with water. Cotton cloths are great for mopping up spills, then follow up with a soft chamois cloth.  Stubborn stains can be removed too, provided that you don’t use strong, industrial-grade or hospital-grade disinfectants and cleansers. Try to switch to hydrogen peroxide, or better yet acetone. Yes, treat your marbled surfaces like it’s human skin; and remove those stubborn dirt, stains and grime with the same cleansing agents that are friendly to the skin. If you’re allergic to these ingredients, then you may use your regular dishwashing detergent and dilute half a cup in warm water to create a gentle sudsy solution. Use a soft sponge or clothe soaked in the solution to clean your marbles. These tips are very easy to follow. But since you want a more thorough cleaning for your business establishments, you have to get in touch with a reliable Commercial Marble Cleaning company and contractor based in Portland, OR. You can also look up some of those companies in directories and their promotional website online. Reputable companies would have business sites where you can check their credentials, services offered, and even customer testimonials.

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