How To Combine Function and Design With A Fencing Company In Williamsport

One of the major expenses to consider in landscaping a yard is labor and experience. If you are getting an estimate from a fencing company in Williamsport, understand that a major portion of your bill will be due to the physical labor involved. You want someone that can give you options in the type of fencing you want as well as experience in how to put them up and keep the fence as maintenance free as possible.

If you are simply looking for a solution to keep certain pets in while keeping other pets or animals out, then your most cost effective solution would be to hire someone to put up a chain link fence. At one time this was the easiest and fastest proposition but many subdivision or homes involved in a Home Owner’s Association do not permit these types of fencing solutions. Make sure you check with the local jurisdiction before doing any permanent improvements. Any professional fencing company will know when they have to seek permits or how to check with the local authorities to confirm.

On the other side of the spectrum from having a truly functional fence, would be to have a simple white picket fence. This is hardly sufficient to keep out the local pet community but it does make for a nice quintessential story book curb appeal if that is the landscaping option you are looking for. Keep in mind that this type of fence requires a lot of upkeep because of pressure washing and repainting. If you are located in severe weather areas you may need to re-stain once every two to three years.

Obviously, there are a lot of choices that fall somewhere in between these two distinctions of fences and the major criteria will be what your local ordinances have to say about the type of fence you can build. There are plenty of options a fencing company can recommend if you are looking for a combination of functional and aesthetically pleasing. Perhaps a resemblance of trellis work for future overgrowth to cover the fence is a good mix of the two functions. Remember that the more ornate fences will not necessarily add to the labor charge but they will add to the materials.
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