How to Deal With Hazardous Waste in Exeter

There are several commercial waste recycling companies in Exeter. Apart from general waste, they also collect and recycle hazardous waste products, including aerosols, batteries, fire extinguishers, florescent lights, gas cylinders, printers and cartridges, paints and WEEE—Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment. If you have waste to dispose of properly, contact companies that deal with the management of waste. They will setup dates for collection if a repeat service is needed. They can also offer a one off service if you need that and all transport and disposal quotes will inclusive.

The companies will provide you with the appropriate containers to store the discarded materials until they are ready for collection. They will also arrange to collect the material even if you use your own containers, provided you intend to dispose of those too. The containers they provide will be safe and lockable depending on your requirements and are also easy to move in bulk or as single units.

Materials Repackaged

During the collection, the company representatives will repackage the materials to be transported in line with the appropriate legislation. The correct labels will be drawn up and attached to the packages, and the necessary documentation and hazardous material notes will be provided. The site representative will countersign the transaction in a PDA. Tankers, bunds, barrels and other containers will be tracked as they are transported back to the waste management centre. All the personnel dealing with the collection and transportation of the hazardous material are properly trained, equipped, qualified and certified. The companies also have the relevant liability and vehicle insurance, tracking for the vehicles and mobile phones to keep in touch.

It’s a fairly simple process to get a provider of commercial waste recycling in Exeter to deal with your hazardous refuse. The main areas of concern are that the materials are kept safe until they can be collected and disposed of. You should make yourself familiar with European regulations on waste disposal and contact a reputable company to give you lawful advice as well as to help dispose of your waste correctly. Because of the nature of toxic and hazardous waste it should be dealt with within the confines of the law and with proper due care.

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