How to decide on the Right Roofing Contractor

Because your roof is probably the most important part of your home you will certainly want to make sure that it is in good condition all year around. During a good summer you might not notice any small weaknesses in your roof, but come winter when it starts to rain more, the chances are that any weak spots will find their way through to the inside of your home and cause you some serious damage.

Having a check up on your roof once every year is probably a wise idea and you can call a contractor to come and give it a physical. Now, having suggested that, the cynical side of you might think ‘yeah, that’s ok but how do I know I am not going to get a bill for stuff that doesn’t need doing’. Good point, and yes you should be confident that a contractor will give you an honest run-down of the state of your roof.

When you invite a contractor to come and give your roof its physical examination, ask about call out charges first. There may be a flat fee just to assess the condition. On the other hand, some contractors do charge a call out fee but if they end up doing the work, they will ultimately remove the call out fee from the final bill. Ask about their payment terms on that issue. Also, make sure they have a list of all the issues that could be wrong with your roof, such as broken tiles, damaged seals, cracked ridges and other problems. If they are thorough and don’t find anything wrong, then all the better for you.

New Constructions

A roofing contractor in Bristol should technically follow the same rules as a roofing contractor anywhere else in the country. They should complete the job to the best of their ability and make sure the entire roof is sealed correctly, waterproofed, has all the proper components in all the right places and can be tested by an independent authority for structural and cosmetic integrity. If you are having a new home built you will want to make sure that the contractor you employ for your roofing needs comes highly recommended above all other things.

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