How to Maintain Artificial Grass in Coral Gables

Any homeowner would agree that a beautiful, well-tended lawn ranks quite high on the list of things that creates a sense of pride in one’s home. A terrific-looking yard is simply inviting. It tempts you to ask the neighbour over for an outdoor picnic, to set up the sprinkler system and create a slip and slide for the kids. Your lawn is an extension of your love for your home so it makes sense that you would want it to be attractive. This may prove difficult when you are in a dry, barren area where maintaining grass or getting it to grow in the first place is a lot of work.

Even if you live in sunny Florida, having Artificial Grass in Coral Gables doesn’t have to be embarrassing or shameful. A lawn with fake grass could create the same aesthetic if it is installed correctly and maintained properly. In fact, sites such as our website will help you to see that even the most gorgeous homes can only be further complimented by a quality synthetic lawn. Still, there are some important tips to remember to keep your fake grass looking good and creating the curb appeal you enjoy!

  • The amount of time and energy you put into maintaining your Artificial Grass in Coral Gables will depend on your specific conditions. If the area you live in has a lot of dust or if you have many trees or shrubs you may have to water or rinse the grass quite frequently. This also may be required during particularly hot summer months to protect your grass from sun damage
  • Buy a special rake design to fluff up your turf and keep the individual blades springy and free of clumps. This will also help you to remove debris that has been blown onto the grass as well.
  • If you have a pet you might need to take extra precautions to prevent odors by spraying down your pet’s favourite urination zone and picking up solid waste as soon as possible. The use of deodorizers also comes in handy for pet owners.

Simply put, having a synthetic lawn typically requires much less upkeep than real grass and will stay looking its best for years to come as long as you put in a few minutes of loving care regularly.

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