How to Make Sticky, Delicious Ribs with North Carolina BBQ Sauce

Nothing is more delectable than a rack of ribs dripping with tasty barbecue sauce. When cooking ribs, you must cover them with a nice barbecue sauce North Carolina coating while cooking the meat properly. It sounds easy, but it takes a bit of strategy to flavor your meat with barbecue sauce North Carolina. Some cooks make the mistake of applying the BBQ sauce to early, too late, or too often.

Basting Too Soon

You should never coat your ribs in barbecue sauce at the beginning of the cooking process. If you baste the meat too soon, then it will not turn out right. Many BBQ sauces contain sugar, which burns at high temperatures leaving your meat with a burnt taste.

Applying Sauce off the Grill

Some cooks wait to apply the sauce when taking the meat off the grill. At this stage, the meat does not get a chance to absorb the flavor of the sauce during the cooking process. Grilling the meat allows it to soak in the flavors of the sauce when applied at the right time.

What Is the Right Time to Apply BBQ sauce?

A good time is about ten minutes before the ribs are done. You want the sauce to get warm enough to caramelize to add a rich flavor. To get the perfect ribs, you need to add two or more coats of barbecue sauce.

Carolina red BBQ sauce is thick and tangy with a subtle sweetness. It can make grilling easy when having a bottle on hand in your cabinet.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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