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How To Tell If Your Home Is In Need Of Basement Repair In Maryland

Basement and foundation damage is one of the most serious problems a house can face. A sliding foundation can lead to broken walls and roof collapse. It is always best to catch these issues as quickly as possible before it is too late. The problem will not go away, and will only get worse. Here are some possible indicators that your home may have foundation issues.

Look For Cracks Near Windows And Doors

While this does not necessarily mean foundation trouble, it is enough cause to have a professional come take a look. Cracks that run diagonally or begin at a window or door are especially troubling. Exterior walls should be examined as well, especially above upper floor windows. For brick homes, look for cracks in the mortar. If your home has panel trimming, look for separation between panels.

Hard-To-Open Doors and Windows May Mean Trouble

Because a shifting foundation will bend and flex walls, doors and windows will often not fit in their frames snugly and cleanly as intended. Check all of your doors and windows to see if they get stuck, or if there are spaces along the sides that should not be there.

Bumpy Floors Are A Red Flag

If bumps or slopes in your floor appear, that is a pretty sure sign the foundation is shifting. If you are not the original owner, and the floors were uneven when you moved in, this probably still indicates advanced stages of shifting. Even though you and the previous owners have been lucky enough thus far in that the house is still standing, seek Basement repair in Maryland right away.

Outdoor Walkways Can Indicate Foundation Problems, Too

Cracks or lumps appearing in the driveway or nearby sidewalks are usually caused by the same soil problems that lead to foundation damage. Roots from large trees may contribute to both of these problems at the same time.

Many people assume that foundation failure only occurs in old houses, which have settled over many years, but this is far from true. If new homes are not built over properly treated soil, they can experience dramatic foundation failure within a few years. Therefore, all home owners should know how to spot the telltale signs of foundation problems, and hire professional Basement repair in Maryland immediately. Visit the website for more information.

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