Inspiration Through Humor

It is going to be a dull day at work. This is something that can happen at any time on any day. What makes the whole situation even worse is that you have to sit through a long and boring speech about corporate ethics again. It is that time of the year again when the bosses have decided they need to motivate the work force with some kind of pick me up keynote addresses. What you were not expecting was this new speaker to be so damn funny. He was engaging, and he kept your interest far better than any of the others you have had before. This funny motivational speaker broke the mold that you were used to. The thing is, it actually worked, his delivery and all of the points he made have stuck in your mind. That is how inspiration through humor works. It grabs your attention and shakes you out of the rut you have been stuck in.

Professional Public Speakers

If you own a company or are planning a conference, then you should look into hiring a professional public speaker who can deliver a funny keynote address to your audience. This is one of many ways to get across an important point and to make sure it sticks with the listeners. It is a small known fact that people tend to relate to humorous stories more often than any other kind simply because they tend to keep coming back to them in their mind. This will allow for the points made to continue to resonate with them for hours, days and even weeks after the events took place. A wise man once said if you make someone cry they will remember you but if you make them laugh they will remember why and its usually the why you need them to recall.

The Funny Stories Really Do Work

Laughing is a strong emotion and when you find something that makes you laugh you will usually find yourself telling someone else the story. This is a sure-fire way to make sure that someone recalls information. The story might typically change a little bit, and the delivery will almost certainly be different but the points made during it will get out and usually continue to resonate with someone else. This is one of the best ways to convey information across to the masses by developing connections between the people who originally heard the story first hand and those they address second hand. It really does work so give it a try.

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