Installing Sprinkler Irrigation in Battle Creek Will Turn Your Lawn and Neighbors Green with Envy

When you notice an expanse of emerald green lawn, lush and inviting you are looking at a yard with an automatic watering system. Well watered consistently, the lawn turns into a carpet of lushness, the envy of the neighborhood. Within a few weeks after installation, your lawn will appear without flaw. An automatic watering system will save you time, energy and use less water. Instead of dragging a muddy hose around your yard, missing areas completely or over watering others your system can be set on a timer that will schedule regular watering. The sprinkler heads can be adjusted to water each area according to its needs. The area heavily shaded by tree canopy will require less water than the expanse under the open sky exposed to full sun all day. Your neighbors as they stroll by, will be stopping to admire your incredible lawn scape, wondering how you do it.

Sanderson and DeHaan have been providing irrigation systems to Southwest Michigan since 1988. By coming out to your home and analyzing your soil, studying the tree canopy and open spaces, they can give you an estimate for cost and time. They will design a system perfect for your lawns needs. Using a special trenching machine to pull the under-ground sprinkler tubing into place, the scaring of your yard is minimal. Within a few weeks, those scares will be healed and virtually unnoticeable. All that will remain are the sprinkler heads, doing their job. Along with the installation, they provide a winterizing service to shut the system down before the cold winter months that will prevent freezing damage to the pipes. In the spring, they will return to reopen the lines and your lawn will be back on the watering schedule, growing vibrant and healthy.

Proper Irrigation in Battle Creek will provide the best possible watering routine, creating a lawn any homeowner can be proud of. From start to finish the professional installers will provide a level of customer service that speaks of quality and expert care. Within months your property will have an estate quality lawn. The only thing left as a reminder of the hours spent dragging the hose around the yard, will be the muddy memories. Turn your lawn and your neighbors’ green, when you contact Sanderson and DeHaan Irrigation in Battle Creek, Michigan.

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