Insulating An Outdoor Pipe And Additional Plumbing Services in Covington Georgia

If the water inside of an outdoor pipe has frozen overnight, the following steps can be completed to thaw it. Afterward, foam insulation that is secured with strips of thermal insulation can be wrapped around a pipe to prevent additional problems on cold nights.


*  heat lamp

*  hair dryer

*  towel

*  flexible measuring tape

*  foam insulation sleeve

*  thermal tape

*  scissors

*  utility knife

Applying Heat To A Water Pipe’s Exterior

A portable heat lamp can be adjusted so that heat that is emitted is aimed towards a frozen pipe’s exterior. Otherwise, a hair dryer that is adjusted to a high setting can be moved back and forth next to a frozen pipe. It may take a while for the ice to melt, depending on how long the plumbing was exposed to low temperatures. A thawed water pipe’s exterior needs to be dried with a towel before securing a foam insulation sleeve.

Wrapping Insulation Around A Pipe

A flexible measuring tape can be used to measure the length and width of the plumbing that needs to be insulated. A foam sleeve is a product that is designed to wrap around plumbing pieces. A slit will be running along the length of a sleeve, allowing insulation to be secured around a pipe with ease. A sleeve needs to be secured with tape that is waterproof. Thermal tape is designed for outdoor use. Strips of tape can be secured to the edges of a sleeve. If a sleeve is slightly too long or wide, a utility knife or a pair of sharp scissors can be used to trim insulation before it is secured with tape.

A business that providesplumbing services in Covington Georgiacan assist a home or business owner if they have difficulty completing insulation steps or if another plumbing problem has occurred. Liberty Plumbing or another company that offers plumbing services will respond to an individual’s needs in a timely manner and offers emergency services if a plumbing problem occurs after hours.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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