Items that are Inspected Before a Heating Installation

Part of maintaining a comfortable environment during the winter is having an adequate heating source for your home. If it is time to upgrade your heating system or install a new one, there are some things that have to be inspected before the installation process begins. This will help you to prepare your home for the installation and ensure that the process goes smoothly.

One of the things that is looked at during a Heating Installation is the duct work. This inspection is necessary to ensure that all parts of the home are heated adequately. If there is no duct work installed in the home, this will be one of the first items installed as part of the installation process. Usually, a ducting plan is created with the vents laid out. The duct work is installed depending on the layout of the home and where it is most convenient to run the piping.

Another thing that is inspected during a Heating Installation is the electrical system. Because the heating system is adding a new load to your electrical system, it needs to be checked to ensure that there is adequate space for another breaker. It is also checked to ensure that the home is not exceeding the demands that it is designed for. If any of these electrical issues occur, the electrical panel may have to be upgraded before the unit can be wired in.

The area where the heating unit is going to sit is also inspected. Since some units can be very heavy, the flooring has to be adequate to support the unit. If it is weak, extra support will need to be added to the area to help ensure that the unit won’t fall through the floor. The weight specifications are listed on the heating unit and are used to help determine if the flooring can handle the weight.

These are some of the items that are inspected before the heating unit is completely installed. It is important to make sure that the duct work is ready to accept the air flow. The electrical panel has to be able to accommodate the load. In addition, the floor has to be strong enough to support the unit.

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