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Learn About Fire Class Ratings Before Getting a New Roof in Hendersonville

Clueless about fire ratings of roofing materials? Don’t feel bad, because many people don’t understand the fire rating system. The good news is, if you’re getting a roof installed or replaced, the professional company that does your roofing in Hendersonville will know all about the fire rating system. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t know about it too. Keep reading to find out more.

There are four classes in the fire rating system: Class A, Class B, Class C, and unrated. The most fire-retardant materials are in Class A. Materials in the unrated class, as you can imagine, are just going to burn like paper. Below are some of the common materials in Classes A through C.

Class A -Effective against severe fires/wildfires

Popular materials in Class A include metal, clay, asphalt glass, concrete, and slate. Some other materials get bumped up to Class A when it’s treated with certain underlying material.

Class B – Effective against moderate fires

Pressure-treated shingles and pressure-treated shakes fall under this class. They must be pressure-treated in order to be included. No exceptions.

Class C – Not very effective and banned in many places

This class is mostly composed of different types of wood like particle board, plywood, or regular shakes and shingles. Class C materials are not very fire-resistant.

Your local professional roofing contractor can help you pick the best material for roofing in Hendersonville. When you choose a roofing contractor, choose one with experience. The H.E. Parmer Company has been providing roofing services in the area for over 130 years. Find out more about them at HEParmer.com.

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