Lesser Known Reasons to Hire a Property Manager

When considering one’s need for a property manager, San Antonio property owners are typically aware of the basic responsibilities of such management professionals.  Property managers handle tasks such as screening tenants, collecting rent, and marketing the property during vacancies.  Rental managers, however, also handle tasks that can be overlooked in the initial process of deciding whether or not a professional property management company is the right fit for you.

Knowledge of Property Law
A rental manager is familiar with all laws and regulations involved with renting the type of property you own.  From complying with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to a general knowledge of state, local, and federal laws relating to your property – property managers keep you and your investment in line with legal requirements.  It is often said that, if a property management professional saves you from one lawsuit, they have paid for themselves and then some.

Access to Trusted Professionals
Since a property manager handles complaints and repair requests submitted by tenants, they typically have an extensive list of plumbers, roofers, exterminators, painters, and other contractors they are able to call upon in the event of an emergency.  Often, the task of hiring the right contractor to address a need is a challenge for a property owner.  Knowing the company you have trusted to handle your property in turn has contractors they trust to take care of your tenants’ problems can be a great relief that is well worth the expense of hiring a professional.

Periodic Inspection Reports
A rental management company typically performs a walk-through inspection with a tenant at the time of their move-in, leaving the tenant aware of how the property should be left at the time of moving out.  Most professional firms also perform routine inspections periodically to be sure the tenants are taking proper care of the property they are renting.  Additionally, a walk-through is most often performed again at the time of move-out, assessing whether or not the tenant has held up their end of the rental agreement with their care and maintenance of the property.

At Real Property Management Alamo, we are dedicated to serving our clients, not just with the basic requirements of property management but also with the smaller, lesser-known nuances of the trade.  For more information visit us at http://www.alamo.realpropertymgt.com.

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