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For many animal lovers it can be stressful to part with a furry family member – even if it’s for a great vacation. We all want to ensure our pets are comfortable and cared for with love in our absence. How do you decide who you will trust with this responsibility? A good place to start is by asking your veterinarian who they recommend for pet boarding.

Boarding Services
Many places are beginning to recognize the importance of providing superior care for their customers and have invested in creating a more home-like environment for companion animals. Whether dog or cat, each animal is unique in personality and for some, being in a strange place without their human can be extremely stressful. Places like Yorba Regional Animal Hospital (in Anaheim, CA) have raised the bar in overall pet care, including the boarding experience.

Choose Your Level of Comfort
As stated earlier, every animal experiences stress uniquely. Some are very laid back and don’t mind a week staying with other people, while others can become incredibly anxious. The type of pet boarding you choose should be in line with your pet’s individual needs. At Yorba, owner’s can choose from an array of options. Owners also have the peace of mind knowing there is a veterinarian on staff twenty-four hours a day.

The Deluxe package includes comfortable bedding and four walks a day in the outdoor grassy area (fully enclosed for safety). The luxury suites are available for a bit more pampering. Each suite is private, uniquely decorated, and includes a mattress for bedding and even satellite TV! There is also a separate, quiet area dedicated to cat boarding. These deluxe cat condos provide a peaceful environment full of sunlight.

In addition to providing superior housing conditions, owners may view their pets via a twenty-four hour webcam. Of course there is no guarantee your pet will be the star of the show (since animals will do what they will), but you can at least be reassured they are in good hands when you see the comfortable and clean environment they are in.

If you live in or near the Anaheim area, and are looking for the perfect place to care for your four legged family members, visit Contact Yorba Regional Animal Hospital for more details.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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