Make the Most of Life With Your Best Friend: Chicago Dog Training Academy

Training can make the difference between an okay dog and a great one. It is possible animal shelters would be much less crowded if more people would get the professional training for their dogs that they need. Many people think because they can teach a dog to sit and stay, they have learned enough. But the truth is, some dogs need much more.

Very intelligent dogs need extra training because they have to be challenged. When bored these dogs can become destructive, chewing up shoes, furniture and whatever else they can get their teeth on. Headstrong dogs need training with a firm hand so they understand who the “pack leader” is and learn to pay attention.

Any personality issue can be helped with good training, whether your dog is nervous, hyper or aggressive. Not only will this training make it safer for people to be around your pet, it makes life safer for your dog as well. Consider the overexcited dog who ends up being euthanized due to biting a child. The dog may have only been attempting to play or may have been afraid and knew of no other way to express its fear. Whatever the reason, it becomes too late for an innocent dog.

The Chicago Dog Training Academy is dedicated to avoiding those sad endings. Their course is more than the usual obedience course held a couple of days each week. They offer an intensive two-week course which is considered a boot camp for your pup.

The course combines real world and classroom settings to challenge the dogs in situations which may normally make them uncomfortable. They begin with the dog on its own for the first week and then bring in the owner to help them understand how to work with their dog.
If this seems more intensive than what you had in mind, they also have private sessions, held in your own home. This is the perfect way to get your whole family involved in the training process as every dog will do better with consistency.

Let your dog live life to the fullest. If you see yourself making your dog stay home because you are concerned with their behavior around other animals, children or for whatever reason, get help. Make sure your best friend is always able to be at your side.

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