Make Your Dental Visits More Bearable Using a Sedation Dentist in Redding

The care and health of your mouth and teeth is critical to your overall well being, but there are many people that have difficulty going to the dentist. There are several reasons for this with the most common one being that people are simply afraid of the dentist or the procedures they will perform. Unfortunately for your teeth, avoiding the dentist office is the worst thing you can do. Oral problems will get worse and eventually your dental issues may lead to serious health concerns. Thankfully, some dentist avoid these problems by offering their patients access to a Sedation Dentist in Redding.

There are several methods that a dentist will use in sedating a patient. The most common is the local anesthesia which is used when any major work is involved. The anesthetic is injected into the gum and lip or cheek to properly numb the area and is the primary step in keeping the patient comfortable. For patients with minor concerns the dentist may use laughing gas. This is a mixture of nitrous oxide gas and oxygen which gives the patient a mild euphoric feeling. This sedation method has few side effects and is commonly used for procedures on young children. However, both of these processes don’t block your mental acuity. For this you need a stronger chemical such as Triazolam. Triazolam is one of several medications that a dentist can use to induce a mild state of sedation. These treatment methods don’t put the patient to sleep, this can pose a significant risk if improperly handled, but they reduce your awareness of the whole process.

One of the benefits to having sedation dentistry is letting the dentist perform more procedures than would otherwise be possible. This helps reduce the amount of time that you need to be in the office and the time it takes to heal. The doctor will monitor your vital signs to ensure you are having no problems and there are few side effects of the process. For people who have a deep fear of dentists or dental treatments this may be the perfect solution. If you are considering Sedation Dentist in Redding then Click Here to learn more.

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