Merits Of Bronze Suppliers: Reliable Providers Of Quality Products

If you require bushings, flanges, bearings and other items, your best source is a reliable and reputable supplier. For many companies – both OEMs and fabricators, bronze suppliers are an essential component of providing quality parts and products to their customers. However, as is the case in all business ventures, it is important to be able to separate the quality suppliers from the rest. This requires assessing both the supplier’s capabilities and products as well as understanding your company’s own specific requirements.

The Basics

Bronze is, according to many, not so much an alloy as a blend of desirable metals. It can be a mixture of various metals including:

Aluminum: To increase hardness and durability

Tin: improve strength and hardness Lead: To reduce the hardness of the metal

Zinc: To decrease metal hardness

What type of bronze you want will depend upon the application and its environment. For example, if you are manufacturing pumps or aircraft parts, you might want to go with aluminum bronze. However, if you require lubrication continuously, your company is better off with zinc additives. This is not a good combination, though, if you expect the parts to function optimally in a marine or other highly corrosive environment.

In some instances, you may require a custom blend. This will be capable of addressing any unique specifications your components may have. Custom alloying will address such issues as dimensional tolerances, lubrication and physical and chemical qualities.

The Right Bronze Suppliers

The right bronze suppliers understand what type of bronze will meet and even exceed your requirements. They will be able to provide you with custom blends in addition to standard fare. They will also have on hand a variety of bar stock to meet your production needs including rectangular, round, square sheets and plate. Bronze suppliers will also carry the stock in diverse dimensions and amounts making it easier for you to obtain what you want when you need it.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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