Mold Detection and Cleanup Service in Wichita, KS

The cleanup that a Mold Service in Wichita, KS does to remove mold from a property is called mold remediation. It is a major concern whenever there has been flooding, for several reasons. The sheer amount of water in the home can do massive damage, but also the more water there is, the greater the chance that the water has had a chance to soak into every bit of the underlying structure and infect all kinds of areas that you can’t see. Water can get underneath linoleum and hardwood floors, behind drywall, soaking the insulation, the drywall, and the wood structure of the house.

However, lots of homes can be affected by mold without ever seeing any flood waters. A simple and seemingly small leak in the roof or fascia can result in water slowly seeping inside the building structure over time. Mold thrives in these cool, dark places where it is unaffected by the drying effects of sunlight and air. A Mold Service in Wichita, KS has seen all kinds of cases of mold, from houses where the mold is visible all over the ceiling, the walls, and even all over the occupants’ belongings in the room, to cases where the mold is not visible but still greatly affects the air quality in the home.

The Mold Service in Wichita, KS has equipment that can detect the amount of mold spores in the air, which can contribute to lung problems, particularly for those who have asthma or any kind of weakened immune system. Elderly people and small children are particularly vulnerable as well. Breathing in mold spores, even if you can’t see the mold, can result in allergy-like symptoms such as runny noses and coughs.

The Mold Service in Wichita, KS can then locate places in the home where the mold is growing, even if it’s behind the wall or up above the ceiling. They will locate the source of the problem so you can have repairs done, and then they will clean out any existing mold.

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