Mold Remediation In Wichita Can Protect Your Health

Advance Catastrophe Technologies Inc. can help with your Mold Remediation in Wichita. If you don’t already know, mold can cause a number of issues with your health. Some of the minor issues are sneezing, coughing, and itchy eyes. Serious issues can be severe allergic reactions and damage to your lungs that can be permanent. The bad thing about mold is that you might not even know that it is growing inside your home. It can remain hidden. A thorough inspection is usually needed to detect mold in your home. Even if there is some visible mold inside your home, there is a chance that some mold remains hidden. Mold is attracted to moisture, so controlling the moisture inside your home can help to reduce the chances of mold growing in areas of your home. A dehumidifier can be used to keep moisture in check.

Mold can hide inside your ducts that provide heating for your home. When you turn on your heat, the mold spores have a chance to circulate throughout your home. If you have central air conditioning, you may be circulating mold spores throughout your home year round. Mold Remediation in Wichita involves checking ductwork to clean out any mold that may be present. One thing that a technician will do as part of a mold inspection is to check the air both inside and outside of the home. The reason for checking the air immediately outside the home is to get a baseline reading as to what the air should be like. If an air check determined that mold is inside the home, the technician will then start to look for the mold by doing a visual check of areas where mold usually is found. Get in touch with Advance Catastrophe Technologies Inc. for more details.

Visible mold can be detected by looking for spots that are dark. These spots are found on porous surfaces that have been around a lot of moisture. For example, you can find signs of mold around your bathroom windows. Your basement may also have signs of mold. If you notice any of dark spots, it’s time to call a mold specialist to come out to remove the mold from your home. Click here for more details.

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