Must Have Features for Exceptional eDiscovery Companies

Choosing an eDiscovery company is a process that requires careful consideration. Before deciding on a company, the client has to be sure about the stability and scalability of the service. They also have to know about the availability of the service and the level of expertise of project managers and technicians working for the company. The service provider chosen determines whether the discovery will have a successful outcome.

Seasoned Experts for Objective Guidance

eDiscovery companies cater for the needs of different clients such as law firms, government agencies, and corporations. Each client has unique needs depending on their goals and requirements. That means that the eDiscovery company should be able to offer flexible services to suit the needs of the clients. To meet the needs of each client, a good company should have a reliable and repeatable methodology to use for each stage of the process. Experts such as attorneys and consultants provide strategic discovery plans that lead to services which save the clients both time and money. All the workflows chosen should be documented and proven.

Competency Proved through Certification

Working with an organization that does not compromise on the quality of service provided guarantees peace of mind and professionalism. When it comes to data, professionalism is demonstrated through how a company handles confidential and proprietary information and the mechanism set in place to protect the sensitive nature of the data. It is also important for the company to have several tiers of redundancy and security, data recovery services, and continuity plans. Center for Data Security has met all the necessary conditions and has been certified as a competent company. It combines experienced staff, expertly designed processes, and leading-edge technology to offer quality data solutions to its clients. The company has data centers in London and New Jersey and a disaster recovery site located in Washington DC.

State of The Art Infrastructure for Maximum Data Safety

Good companies have the capacity to support both local and international projects regardless of their scope and scale. Data centers determine the projects that a company can handle, host, process, and store. To save on costs and time during review, a good company offers advanced analytics through its updated technological infrastructure. Government agency, law firm, and corporation data is very delicate and it needs to be handled well with confidentiality. The environment which the data is stored should make use of high security measures to ensure protection of the information. Complete Discovery Source legal processes are SSAE 16 Type 2 tested and ISO 27001 certified. The data sent via the network is encrypted several times to ensure maximum safety.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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