Navigating Insurance and Legal Representation in Northampton MA Costs After a Dog Bite

Dog bites are nothing to play around with, a scenario millions of Americans have faced. The insurance companies have their say and the fees incurred during the especially ‘gray area’ of a dog bite injury can cause major duress for a client. Contingent fees help ease the immediate burdens, and open communication with an insurance company keeps discussions open and fair.

Contingent Fees

Contingent fees are used by proper Legal Representation in Northampton MA. It typically means that a client does not pay until the case is successfully completed. It also means that the payment is relative to the official amount obtained through the case. The approach offers a built in incentive for the legal firm to obtain the highest payout possible for the client.

Can a Client Trust the Insurance?

The insurance company will often step in to pay for any damages. Unfortunately, their opinion of what is considered damage may be different than the clients. For example, an insurance company may pay for the direct and reported medical costs for treating the dog bite. They may disregard any lost wages from not being able to work, or even emotional damages that were incurred through this traumatic experience. It is then up to the Legal Representation in Northampton MA to pursue a pay agreement that the office and client finds fair. Insurance companies are in it to protect their own interests and to see the case settled as cheaply as realistically possible. They are a business, after all, and that is all fine and well. It simply means that a client must have a buffer. They require someone that understands the games and dances from an insurance entity. Insurance is an amazing thing, but it can often have a different idea of justice.

There is no cost for working with Daniel and Fontaine LLC until the case is closed and is closed successfully. A dog bite is a particularly frustrating Gray area, because it requires collaboration with the insurance company and proof of the incident through witnesses and a possible police report. Did the client provoke the dog? Where did the injury occur? All these elements go into the case, and it makes a dog bite a particularly problematic scenario. You can also visit them onĀ Twitter.

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