Neck Pain Treatment in Wilkes Barre PA: Non Medicinal Remedies

Neck pain treatment should be based on the types of neck pain being experienced. There basically are three types of neck pain. These include Axial Neck Pain, which can manifest in the form of whiplash or muscle strain; Radiculopathy, which manifests through pain, numbness and associated weakness in the arms and the neck region; and Myelopathy, which causes weakness in the arms and legs, along with neck pain, causing walking difficulties. Most neck pain is related to problems with the cervical discs, the discs in the neck.

Most often, neck pain treatment is chosen on the basis of whether the pain is chronic, acute or just plain manageable. However, more and more people today prefer treatments that are based on natural methods and have less side effects. First start with some commonplace remedies, which can be administered at home, before opting for the more specific ones. However, it is important to seek the advice of your doctor before resorting to any of these.

Neck Pain Treatment: Home Based Options

Some of the common home based neck pain treatment options could include some of the following:

* For a speedy recovery, you need to provide adequate rest to the affected area for the first couple of days.

* Ice packs are considered to be effective in treating mild to moderate pain. Ideally, you should place the ice cubes in a plastic bag and apply it for 15-20 minutes, with hourly breaks. Applying ice directly on the affected area might have a damaging effect on the skin, so be careful.

* Hot packs are helpful for neck pain treatment, but not during the first few weeks, as this might actually aggravate the swelling. However, you can apply hot compresses as soon as the swelling subsides. This will help in reducing the intensity of the pain.

* It always helps if you can keep your help elevated.  Try not to read or sit at the computer for too long.

If the pain fails to subside or appears to worsen with time, seek medical attention. Visit the website of Power Chiropractic Health Center, LLC. Like us on Facebook.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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