Older Homes Boast Wood Floors in NYC

Companies that install wood flooring in New York City do an enormous amount of additional services for individuals, such as restoration after a fire or flood or repairing flooring that’s been damaged by years of neglect. They work with people all over the area who want new floors installed and who need special attention from store associates to help them make decisions. They offer a wood flooring install using a variety of materials, and they also install tile borders and back splashes for kitchens and baths. They work with well known brand name manufacturers, such as Mercier Wood Flooring, Mirage Floors, The Wood Cellar and UA Floors, just to name a few.

Wood Floors in NYC can be installed, restored and repaired, cleaned and sanded. Once floors are restored, three coats of water based, non toxic finish will be applied to them. This is an excellent method that dries in one hour, and because it is non-toxic, it is safe to breathe inside the room. If homeowners like the look of a finished inlay installed on their hardwood floor at home, or a medallion placed directly in the middle of the floor, this can be arranged and adds a personality to the entire home or to a particular room.

Many older homes purchased today have quite a market value simply due to the dark, cool, old and beautiful hardwood that will be lovely again once repaired and restored. Even though pieces of the flooring are broken, chipped, and look unsightly, when repaired, sanded, polished and totally refinished, the floors are very attractive and welcoming again. Because of the hardwood inside the home, something that appeared to be nothing has taken on a new life because of companies that restore Wood Floors in NYC.

You’ll find companies that bring hardwood floors back to life or those who install hardwood floors in brand new homes are available for hire. You can read testimonials of others who have used their services and click on their gallery to see firsthand the type of work they have recently completed. There are many who have stores located right in your area that you can just walk into and talk to them about costs, types of flooring you’d like, and get a good idea of what you would want for your home.



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