Options for Roofing Services

Homeowners that experience problems with the roofs over their heads are better off when calling on professional roofing companies. However, it is not a bad idea to learn about the different kinds of roofing problems you may encounter, since this will help with regular maintenance. It will also help you understand how roofing companies, like those offering roofing services in Maidenhead, address the specific problems you may have. Remember that professionals know a lot more than you do about the pitfalls and successes on the job. Read on to learn more about different kinds of roofing problems and services.


Roof tiles can be very fragile and require careful handling. You are better off making use of roofing services in Maidenhead should you wish to repair your current tiles, or replace the existing roof with tiles. Tiles generally last a long time when properly cared for, and are durable against all kinds of weather. However, you can’t simply walk on them while doing repairs. They could crack or break easily under your weight. If you spot damaged, loose, or broken tiles, contact professional roofers to have a look at them as soon as possible. This is the best way to avoid further damage, and to prevent water from leaking into your house.

Insulating your roof

Many, if not most, homes have inadequate or poor quality insulation. This allows heat to escape, thereby making the interior of the house colder, and pushes up your energy bills as a consequence of trying to get more out of commercial heating equipment. Professional roofers could examine the roof insulation, and make suggestions as to repairs, or replacing poor quality insulation. How much you will have to pay, and how long the work takes, depends on a number of factors, including the type of roof you have. flat roofs present a bigger challenge to insulate than pitched ones, for example.

Shingling a roof

Although shingling a roof is not that difficult, most people would be doing the wise thing to leave it up to the professionals. Safety is a primary concern given that this kind of job is usually done high above the ground. Ordinary homeowners like you don’t have the proper equipment, tools and safety wear that professionals bring to the task. To prevent mould growth, drywall corrosion, or leaks from seeping into wood, a shingling job has to be done properly. Shingling a roof may simply require replacing shingles that are damaged, especially if you are on a tight budget. A complete re-shingle is obviously called for depending on extensive damage. One advantage of a complete asphalt re-shingle is that your roof can last for more than 15 years.


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