Planning a Family Reunion? Let Event Centers in Fort Wayne, IN Help

Family reunions and anniversary parties have become formal events in recent years. As families have moved throughout the country, they look for reasons to reconnect. As a result occasions that used to be held in backyards are now moving to Event Centers in Fort Wayne, IN. Local family members don’t have to worry about renting chairs and tents, organizing menus and accommodating dietary needs. They can simply call the Classic Cafe Catering and Event Center for help planning their family party. Event managers will help them select the perfect format. This can range from a cookout, buffet or sit-down dinner.

Once a cost is established, family members can be sent the ticket price. They can then determine if they want to attend or not. This professional organization will prevent a few family members from paying more than their share. In addition to planning the food, caterers will pick out the proper color table linens and plates to create just the right atmosphere. The also allow local bands, DJs, florists and bakers easy access to the facility. If the customers don’t know who to hire, the caterer can also help them find the right businesses to help.

Once the menu has been determined, the Event Centers in Fort Wayne, IN will coordinate the labor needed to prepare and serve the food as well as performing the clean up. The buffet table, chafing dishes, linens, glasses, plants, silverware and coffee service and water pitchers are included in the price. Bar service is an addtional function and can be added. Leftover food may not be taken home. Insurance companies require this policy to avoid any lawsuits over food-borne illnesses that result from improperly transported food.

The guest list should be finalized by the Wednesday before the weekend. Then everyone can relax and get read to enjoy the event. They can focus on enjoying the company of family members that they haven’t seen in a while. The day of the big dinner, no one will be slaving in the kitchen or worrying about a vegan recipe. They’ll all be enjoying delicious food. People can click here to learn more about hiring a catering company.

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