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Taking a dog in for grooming can be an ordeal for all concerned. Owners fret about how unhappy their pet is about the idea, the groomer has to deal with animals that may be frightened or hostile, and the poor dog itself often has little idea of what is going on and what it may have done to cause such an awful situation. If you are willing to put in a little bit of time, however, you will be amazed how much more comfortable Dog Grooming Stafford VA can be for everyone.

The goal is teaching your pet to be able to accept basic Dog Grooming Services without feeling as if it is going to be harmed. From the earliest possible age, therefore, you should be putting a lot of attention on handling your pet in a variety of ways. If you pick up its paws gently and play with its toes while feeding it treats, for example, getting a toenail clip will be a lot less traumatic. In a similar way, it is smart to do things like peek inside the ears and lift its lips from time to time. Some of these things will start out seeming strange and will be resisted, but repetition is the key to turning it into a mundane event.

A good groomer will be willing to work with you on helping your pet to learn to deal with the situation well. For example, if you are out on other errands in the area and you can bring your dog, you could stop by at times when no grooming is going to happen just to let the groomer feed your pet a couple of treats and then leave. This creates a much more positive association, rather than having it be a place where only bad things happen.

Most of the things that people assume that pets will automatically hate are actually just situations so unfamiliar that your animal has no idea what to do or expect. If you work to acclimate your dog to different types of handling, you will be amazed by how much less traumatic the grooming experience can be.

Dog Grooming Stafford VA

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